DICE Talk Battlefield V Tides Of War, Player Progression & Cosmetic Microtransactions

In the latest dev talk video, DICE dig into the Tides of War live game that will be at the heart of Battlefield V’s multiplayer. Instead of expansion packs, it will be a themed after different parts of the war with evolving narrative structure to the battles and events featured in each season, and each week of that will delve into different parts of the game.

Within that and a blog post alongside, DICE talk about the player progression, talking about how challenges and tasks will feature daily and weekly, leading toward specific rewards at the end of it. As a player, you have separate career, class, weapon, vehicle and chapter ranks, some of which unlock different ways to specialise your character and loadouts. There is talk of unlocking specific weapons as rewards during seasons, but what’s left unclear is if those will be available afterwards as well.

As you play, you earn Company Coin, the in-game currency, which can be spent on skill tree upgrades, weapons, vehicles, new gear and cosmetic items. Microtransaction currency called Battlefield Currency will also be in the game – ditching Premium, EA and DICE need to continue to make money to justify developing Battlefield V further – but it won’t be there to start with and will importantly will only lead to cosmetic items. It’s not clear if there will be cosmetic items that can only be bought with one or the other.

It’s a galaxy apart from the cluster that Battlefront II ended up being, but is it enough? How do you feel about Battlefield V and the direction it’s taken with content, progression and post-launch monetisation?

Source: DICE

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  1. I love how this game has 3 different release dates depending on what version you buy.

    I also love how these high profile games that are guaranteed to make a ton of money say they need microtransactions to make their money back. Such a bullshit excuse, I’d respect them more if they just admitted they want as much money from players as possible.

    • Yeah, EA are terrible for staggered release dates.

      But while you’re partially right about publishers and their motivations for microtransactions, it depends on the frame of reference. It quickly becomes very difficult to justify continued support and content when the game was released several months ago and the biggest return on that investment has passed. Yes, games are often updated and work continues, but without money continuing to come in, those developers will then need to be cycled over to the next project that will have a return.

      You can argue about companies pushing that too far, but if there’s no paid DLC, no microtransactions, no money coming in, then you don’t have a long tail of content and the ‘live service’.

      • Live service is a stupid thing. I disagree with you entirely, pal. I’m sorry. This is a relatively new thing, expansion packs aren’t. Games have been getting expansions for a few decades now, no microtransactions needed in between releases. Games like Bulders Gate, etc. If a game is worth playing more of then people will buy the extra content and they can make their money back then.

        I strongly disagree with their lies that microtransactions are needed to cover costs. Jim Sterling does a great job dismantling this.

      • And the “I’m sorry” wasn’t me being sarcastic! Lol. I just didn’t want it to come across that disagreeing with you is me being rude. I just don’t agree. But I appreciated your comment anyway.

  2. Anyone else feel like Battlefield V has missed the boat. The zeitgeist for COD and RDR2 has impacted their sales surely.

    Still looking forward to it when it drops in price at some point next year.

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