Bethesda Extend Fallout 76 BETA After Game Deleting Bug


Here’s a good one: there was a bug in the Fallout 76 BETA that led to the game deciding it had had enough and just deleting itself. It’s probably too early to say whether or not Bethesda accidentally created a sentient game that decided to off itself – like they’d admit to that! – but it did scupper the attempts by many players to get into the game late last night.

Thankfully Bethesda have reacted and are extending the beta on another night to make up for lost time.

That equates to 6PM–3AM UK time, simply bolting an extra four hours onto the end of an already planned test.

The updated schedule now looks like this:

  • 1st November – 2pm – 11pm EDT – 6pm – 3am GMT [Extended]
  • 3rd November – 5pm – 9pm EDT –9pm – 1am GMT
  • 4th November – 2pm – 9pm EST – 7pm – 2am GMT

Source: Angry Twitter

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