Here’s When You Can Try The Fallout 76 BETA On PS4, Xbox One & PC This Week

Isn’t it always the way? After all the hand-wringing and teeth gnashing at one console or another getting exclusive or timed access to content or a beta, it ends up being a bit wet? Well that certainly seems true of Fallout 76’s BETA – Break it Early Test Application – and its Xbox One exclusivity period. Just three sessions and eight short hours of game time later and PS4 and PC players are being brought in from the cold this week, being presented with four sessions across five days and a total of twenty hours.

It all gets going on the night of 30th October, and thanks to daylight savings in the US ending on Sunday, it works out as follows in the UK:

  • 30th October – 7pm – 11pm EDT – 11pm – 3am GMT
  • 1st November – 2pm – 11pm EDT – 6pm – 3am GMT [Note: this has now been extended]
  • 3rd November – 5pm – 9pm EDT –9pm – 1am GMT
  • 4th November – 2pm – 9pm EST – 7pm – 2am GMT

Oh, and here’s a really barmy live action trailer for the game. Enjoy!

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