Override: Mech City Brawl Is A Fun Bit Of Robo Argy-Bargy

No gears, no glory!

If you’ve ever wanted to control a giant mech and smash through scenic locations all over the world, then have I got a game for you! Override: Mech City Brawl is an upcoming action brawler that lets you crash through buildings and generally wreak havoc while throwing down with other gigantic mechs. It basically does what it says on the tin.

There are twelve different mechs to choose from in the game, and they share various mechanics like jumping, how you attack, and how you perform special moves. However, the way that each one actually performs feels different, mostly when you’re looking to go on the offensive.

You have your basic left and right punch, each of which is separately controlled. These are your quick attacks and, since the best defence is a good offence, these are good for disrupting the incoming attacks. You also have your left and right kicks, but while the right kick is more or less the same across the board, the left kick is completely different depending on the mech you are piloting. These attacks can all be charged up for extra damage or just to mess with the timings.

Your defensive options include a dash which is great for dodging, a guard which is good for not getting punched in the face and, because the best offence is sometimes a defence, a counter-attack. This can be activated to specifically respond to either kicks or punches so is really quite strategic.

As you’d expect, your special moves are different from bot to bot. Some of them are good for area control, some are projectiles, and some have your giant lizard mech rolling up into a ball and doing a very good Sonic the Hedgehog impression. The special bar builds both as you deal damage, and as you take it. If you take a certain amount of damage you get access to your ultimate attack, but while these are very much meant to swing the battle in your favour, the results depend on the mech.

If you want to use more than just these tools you can pick up random items that fall from the sky; because video games. Some of these are one-handed which means you could wield a shield and a sword at the same time, but there’s also things like two-handed scythes which can be swung around wildly, and some of them are grenades or guns.

The fights can go from being two players up to four, depending on how many bots you want or how many people are online. It’s at its most chaotic and most fun by when in the four player modes, forcing you to juggle between being locked onto one enemy for extra accuracy and free aiming so you don’t get snuck up on. It’s tricky to manage, but entertaining.

All I’ve played so far is the general battle mode, the full game is due to ship on 4th December and come with an arcade mode as well as the local co-op and competitive and the online mode, so it looks like there could a lot here for those who want to trash a pyramid. While the combat feels a little lacklustre against the lower level bots, it gets much more interesting at higher difficulties and also against other players. It will be interesting to see how the final product ends up being, but so far it’s good fun.

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