Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive Rated For PC In The US

Everyone’s head over heels in love with Insomniac’s spin on Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it’s easy to overlook a game that, in many ways, helped to prove that the company could handle such an ambitious license. The Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive was a fast, flowing open world game full of the developer’s typical vibrance and colour, and it looks like more people are going to get the chance to check it out sometime soon.

Of course, you can just pick it up on Xbox One (and it’s part of the Game Pass as well), but it’s now seemingly coming to PC. Two ratings board listings, first in Korea and now by the US’ ESRB, means that there would be an awful lot of smoke without there to also be any mutant-creating orangeade.


via Eurogamer

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  1. Really enjoyed this game – I think it would do really well on PS4. Huge shame that it will never happen because it seems like such a waste for it not to have the recognition it deserves. I’d love to play it again but I don’t have a pc and I don’t have an XB1 anymore.

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