TSA’s Sunday Streaming Hour Presents Call of Cthulu – Live At 7PM

Halloween may have come and gone but that isn’t going to stop us from exploring some Lovecraftian style horror. Yes, that’s right, the featured game this week is Call of Cthulu and it has fallen to me, Aran, to brave the game’s horrors. We’ll be starting from the very beginning of the game and it’ll be my first time playing too so I don’t know exactly what to expect. Sure the review for it was a bit middling but we’re all about showcasing games from all parts of the review spectrum here.

Update: We’re having to push back the stream a couple hours to 7pm today. Apologies for the change and hopefully you can still tune in!

Anyway join me at 5pm GMT 7pm GMT on Sunday, November 4th, to see what Call of Cthulu is all about. Remember you can either watch directly below, or head on over to our Twitch channel.


And in case you missed our streams last week you can catch up at our YouTube channel, where you can watch playthroughs of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76.


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