Diablo Immortal’s Announcement Booed At BlizzCon

All that Diablo fans really wanted at BlizzCon, after a fair bit of build up to this year’s event, was a new Diablo game. While they definitely got that, it absolutely was not the Diablo game that they wanted and envisaged.

Diablo Immortal is a new game coming exclusively to mobile, and being developed in partnership with Chinese company NetEase, but fans don’t want that, they want it on PC and console. In time-old internet fashion, they’ve resorted to a flurry of mocking and angry threads across Twitter and Reddit, as well as smashing that dislike button on YouTube.


Here’s the game in action:

It led to this particularly cringeworthy moment when, in a following Q&A session, when Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng confirmed that the game would not be coming to PC, with a fellow developer saying “Do you guys not have phones?” over a chorus of booing.


In mildly more positive news, Blizzard have since responded to the backlash with Cheng returning to the stage at BlizzCon to give a personal statement. He said, “Before we get started I have a personal message I’d like to share with all of you. We love our community, and our Diablo community is a passionate one. Very passionate one. And we want to say that we hear you, and we have multiple projects – Diablo projects – being worked on by multiple teams. Diablo Immortal is one of those projects we’re very excited about, but there are others.”

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  1. Announcing a mobile game to the core group of Diablo fans was never going to down well. Surely they must’ve known this. If there are other projects then these should’ve been mentioned more, as this just came across as a bit tone deaf by Blizzard.
    Also saying “do you not have phones” is not exactly the best response to this as that’s not the point and they (should) know it.

  2. Think I’ll stick with Diablo 3 on Switch, an amazing port which does show how good a portable Diablo can be.

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