Update 1.5 For Jurassic World Evolution Will Bring Night To The Park

If things go bad in a Jurassic World theme park during the day, then they go really, really bad at night. Talking about the upcoming update 1.5 for Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier Developments have announced a day-night cycle as one of the key additions. It will be an optional addition for Challenge and Sandbox modes, while you can switch in the Career after achieving a five star rating.

However, it’s not the only new addition. Dinosaur behaviours will also be updated to include group leaders, which will actively keep dinos together as a group in how they act, following the decisions of the group leader. That position can change in a leadership contest, but will affect fleeing, drinking, eating and sleeping, as well as the new napping behaviour.


Higher capacity feeders will help you offload some of the chores by working in bulk (though not with goat feeders), letting you concentrate on the new range of contracts.

Update 1.5 will be a free update, coming alongside paid DLC, more details of which will be revealed later this week.

Source: Frontier

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