Red Dead Redemption 2 Sells 17 Million In 8 Days, As GTA V Passes 100 Million

Take Two’s earnings report will have investors pumping fists and high-fiving, as the company had some ridiculously  good sales figures to share.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the hottest ticket in town right now, having broken records everywhere except in a diminishing retail sector. In just eight days it’s managed to sell 17 million copies, which is more than Red Dead Redemption managed to date. If it keeps this up, there’ll be more people playing Cowboy than there are people with a Nintendo Switch in a matter of days!


Also bordering on the obscene, the perennial Grand Theft Auto V has now passed 100 million copies sold. It’s easily third on the list of all-time best selling video games, with only Minecraft on 154 million and Tetris’s many combined releases at around 170 million listed ahead of it.

So yeah, looks like Take Two employees are getting some healthy bonuses this Christmas…

Source: Rockstar Intel

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  1. GTA V helped by selling over two generations of console I’d imagine. I bought PS3 version then PS4 version.

    • Same for Minecraft and Tetris, though…

      • Yeah I meant in relation to RDR2.

  2. Impressive sales but all I seem to be hearing about it is negative remarks and how glitchy it is. Looks great but plays horribly. My copy should be arriving today so I’ll see for myself.

    • No, it’s lots of fun. As long as you like long horse journeys.

      Not really any glitches I’ve found. I’ve seen one issue where horses spontaneously combust for some reason though. Hasn’t affected me though. Which is good, because it’d be horrible if Bob the horse burst into flames for no reason.

    • That’s a shame JR. I guess those of us who already have it aren’t looking at the reports, too busy horsing around! It’s truly epic, a giant game and a great story, my favourite game of the year so far and number three for the generation behind Horizon and Zelda. It’s not the most complicated game to play (except for the itially fiddly controls) but it’s an amazing example of the Rockstar open world story telling formula refined to perfection and the immersion is genuinely impressive. If you’re on the fence I’d say believe the TSA review and go for it.

      • Horizon looked nice, but had a horrible main character.

        RDR2 has a main character who’s a bit of an idiot at times, but is about 1000 times more interesting. And the character animation is stupidly detailed. Talking to someone, who touched Arthur on the shoulder in a friendly way, and he just looks at his hand for a fraction of a second in a disapproving way. There’s a whole load of subtle little details like that.

        And all the stuff that isn’t part of the main story doesn’t feel like a bunch of things they added to fill in the map, or a checklist of stuff to do. Spent ages fishing, far too long sat wandering around camp at night getting drunk and talking to everyone, and even spent about 15 minutes watching a show in one of the towns.

        Game of the year, obviously, and also the whole generation.

      • Generally I’m not a huge fan of R* games but I really enjoyed the RDR1 so I’m not taking any of the criticisms on board. One person said it was boring because you only have a horse and there are no cars… *tumbleweed*. But even ignoring the silly issues, the general chatter among colleagues is overwhelmingly negative or just ok. I’ve not heard one person say it’s amazing (and it’s a pretty big office).

        Obviously there are loads of people who are really enjoying it but I’m just surprised at the chatter in work. I expected the opposite.

        Too much hype maybe? Or maybe it’s like the Avatar effect, where it becomes insanely successful and suddenly everyone hates it? I can only try it and see for myself. If it’s anything like RDR1 I’ll be happy.

      • I only started getting more out of it once I changed my expectations.

        I was expecting more of the same and what I got is less RDR2 and more hyper-detailed and beautifully realised cowboy simulator.

        It’s a curious game. Lots of wandering, not a huge amount of action, pretty weak gunplay and generally wonky controls (though not as bad as people make out). Doesn’t exactly sound wonderful, does it? But focusing on that stuff (which I was doing in the beginning. Again, expecting RDR2 and not a cowboy/outlaw sim) is missing the point.

        It’s a cliche but the devil truly is in the details. Perhaps moreso with this game than any other before it. The actions and reactions of everything and everyone in the world. The subtle musical accompaniments to everything you do. The controls to be able to do just about anything you want. The ability to treat the world as a sandbox and ignore the story if you please. You can even obsess over Arthur’s appearance. It’s basically reset the bar for open world gaming.

        I even think about the game while I’m at work and yet, I’m not in love with it. As I progress perhaps I’ll reach a more definitive feeling. It’s one hell of an accomplishment by Rockstar but one that I’m a full step out of the relationship with. Like I said, it’s a curious game and one that I feel you could discuss with 5 different people and get 5 wildly different discussions.

  3. Can they hurry up with the PC version please?

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