State Of Decay 2 Zedhunter Update Out Next Week, Return To Trumbull Valley In 2019

Some big updates are on the way for State of Decay 2. Next week on 16th November, the free Zedhunter update will bring a bunch of new things, but there’s plenty more coming in 2019 as well.

Zedhunter adds crossbows with retrievable crossbow bolts, three new quiet melee weapons and half a dozen new consumables that can amp up your characters at the cost of some blood plague infection.


However, 2019 will go much further. A free update early in the year will increase the challenge and add new ways of surviving, which can be experienced with new and existing communities that you’ve built up.

Beyond that, it was briefly teased that you’d be able to return to Trumbull Valley, the setting of the first game. I’m sure that’s one that will please long-term fans!

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