Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Black Armory Expansion Will Launch In December

That's armoury...

With eager Destiny 2 detective beavers digging through every little piece of info they can to uncover the what the game’s future holds, Black Armory is a name that cropped up quite some time ago. In addition to recently being mentioned as part of the Annual Pass, Bungie have now confirmed that it will launch on 4th December, just after the transition to a new season in-game, known as Season of the Forge.

They note that, “Just like the release of Forsaken before it, there will be a one-week window in which Destiny 2 will be in a state of transition, and players may encounter a number of unforeseen issues.” Read that as “buggy nonsense will totally be going on.”

Black Armory is set to be the first expansion of Forsaken, the second year expansion of Destiny 2 (not to be confused with either the first or second expansion of the first year of Destiny 2, which were initially required but are now bundled in with Forsaken). However, Black Armory isn’t part of Forsaken, it’s part of the paid Annual Pass for Forsaken.

Clear as mud? Good.

We expect to hear more about Black Armory and what it entails pretty soon.


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