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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5 Is Called A Requiem For Heroes – Details Here!

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas continues to fire out details of what’s coming next for the MMORPG, and while new expansion Shadowbringers and the 5.0 patch stole all of the headlines, there’s still Patch 4.5 to come beforehand. 4.5 will be the last patch, and various bits of the content it brings with it will feed directly into Shadowbringers, making it essential for fans that want to be up to speed come next summer.

The patch has been split in two, with Part 1 appearing in early January while Part 2 will arrive in late March. The details are broken down below.

  • New main scenario quests in the lead up to the next expansion
  • Two new side story quests, The Four Lords Finale and Even Further Hildibrand Adventures
  • The headline new feature is the introduction of the Blue Mage job, alongside the new job quests it brings with it, including exclusive content called The Masked Carnivale.
  • New Instanced Dungeon tied into the main scenario called the Ghimlyt Dark
  • New Alliance Raid which will conclude the Return to Ivalice thread entitled the Orbonne Monastery
  • The fourth instalment of The Forbidden Lane, Eureka, called the Hydatos Expedition, will form the last part of this run.
  • New Trials that pit you against Seiryu.
  • PvP updates, Rival Wings updated, The Hidden Gorge
  • Gold Saucer Updates, with new content added and a new GATE entitled Air Force One.
  • World Visit System – allows players to move freely between worlds on the same Data Centre via aetherytes in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul’dah. You can progress through quests and other duties on the world of your choice. It’s worth noting that certain features are not available when visiting a different world, including not being able to put items up for sale in the local market, or buy living accommodation. There is however no time limit for visits to other worlds, and when you logout you’ll still be in your visited world when you log back in.
  • Data Center Expansion will see new data centers added for North America – Crystal – and Europe – Light. This will also see the worlds being reshuffled across the centers.

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