Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Will Add Environmental Changes And More In February

In what Firaxis are stating is the largest ever expansion to a Civilization game, Gathering Storm is set to release for the PC version of the game on 14th February 2019.

It’s most significant addition is the introduction of an ‘active planet’, where you may have to consider the environment as much as your opponents. Geology and climatology will both add new challenges as you gain new engineering projects that manage a city’s power and consumable resources, while the World Congress will bring you together with other civilisations to tackle the forces of nature.

As well as this, the Technology and Civics trees are being expanded into the future, nine new leaders from eight civilisations are being added, there’s a new Diplomatic Victory, and there’s new units, districts, wonders, buildings and more. Two new scenarios include the Black Death plague, which sweeps across the world, and the War Machine that was the German Imperial Army’s plan to conquer France at the outset of WWI.

Source: press release

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