December’s PlayStation Plus Games Are SOMA And OnRush

Sony Russia have accidentally revealed Decembers PlayStation Plus games a little early and they are headlined by SOMA and OnRush. It appears they published the PS+ promo video and Russian site Igromania managed to grab the information off it before it was pulled.

OnRush was widely praised when it launched just six months ago but only managed to make number 34 in the charts on the week of release, so it makes sense for Codemasters to try and revitalise the game by giving it away on PS+ and hopefully selling some DLC.

SOMA is a game that you really should have played by now and if not you’re in for a treat, it’s an atmospheric, nerve jangling adventure set on a wrecked undersea base. I reviewed the game when it came out and gave it 9/10 and it has one of the best stories you will find in a video game and an ending that will make your jaw drop. Don’t go watching any videos or googling it, it’s really worth playing the game and experiencing it for yourselves.

We should have official confirmation of the games in the next few minutes. Earlier this week the December Games with Gold were revealed as Never Alone And Qube 2.

UPDATE: Confirmed! Here’s the full line up which will be available on December 4th.

Source: igromania / PS Blog

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  1. Onrush was that weird idea for a racing game that completely failed, yes? On sale 2 weeks after release, now down to just £11.49 on Amazon. Or just £7.99 at Argos, of all places.

    SOMA is definitely very good though. Don’t miss out because it’s a smaller game. And don’t ask why it’s so good, because nobody is allowed to say anything about it in case they spoil it.

    The rest look shit, really. I guess Sony saw what MS were offering and thought they don’t need to bother either this month.

    • Onrush was the one multiplayer mode that was quite fun but should have been included in a bigger game, not being sold as a standalone full priced game. Played only the beta though…

      SOMA is great, nothing more to say.

      But dont dismiss the rest so quickly! Steins;Gate is a really good visual novel with an unbelievably good story! And Papers, Please is also pretty good! Both have metacritic scores over 80 which seems about right to me.

      Dont know the rest, so they may be rubbish, cant say either was…

      • *either way

      • Steins;Gate had an anime series based on the game, which was on Netflix at one point (don’t think it’s there any more). Definitely worth a watch.

        Shame they didn’t give us the Vita version instead. Those visual novels are much better suited to that. But it’s also another visual novel which presumably has limited appeal and so ends up being cheap to put on PS+.

  2. I bought a 12 Month PS+ sub in the Black Friday sales but haven’t redeemed it yet because the November PS+ games were atrocious. Not feeling any of the December games either tbh. I already have SOMA and keeping meaning to give it another try. Can I hold out indefinitely or is there a time limit on these sub cards?

    Maybe January will be better?

    • November was a good month though. Bulletstorm is totally ridiculous, in a good way. And a Yakuza game? Can’t go wrong there.

      This month isn’t so good though. But then my current year of PS+ effectively cost me £16 anyway. (£40 in some deal, and then they kindly gave away 3 months of Netflix for free, which was nice)

    • Onrush is pretty good fun. I paid for it in black Friday and don’t regret the £8 loss. It’s a shame it didn’t sell, but I feel like the marketing wasn’t great.
      Once you get into it it’s so much fun. Plus the online is just carnage.

      • I like a bit of online carnage. Especially in a racing game. (That’s why I don’t like the online bits of GT Sport. Sucked all the fun out of it by punishing carnage. And making you watch a patronising video before you’re allowed to play online)

        I’ll download it, but I’ll probably play it a couple of hours, then forget about it. Especially with RDR2 and it’s online stuff just happening.

      • Yeah I haven’t touched Red Dead online as I’m worried I won’t ever finish the story if I get hooked online.

  3. Soma was pretty good apart from the infrequent but frustrating avoid-the-enemy sections. And the Onrush beta showed me that the game is not for me. I might try Papers Please but i have some faint memory of playing some of it before .. maybe a demo or it was already on plus as a Vita-only game?

  4. Meh.

    SOMA is, of course, brilliant, probably in my top 10 of all time, and I found some parts really scary. But everyone must have got it already.

    And Steins Gate? I bought that, when I mistakenly thought I’d like visual novels, after playing Virtue’s last reward. I was terribly wrong, and utterly disappointed by this not being a game at all.

  5. And this news is coming out of Russia?

    So the games are probably gonna be Crash Bandicoot and Infamous Second Son…

  6. Looks good! Steins Gate is a nice bonus, loved the series so I’ll hapoily give the game a go.

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