Starbreeze Are In Trouble After Overkill’s The Walking Dead Flops

Swedish publisher Starbreeze, who are behind PayDay, Dead by Daylight, and Overkill’s The Walking Dead, have filed for reconstruction following the failure of their latest title. Reconstruction is roughly the same as going into administration in the UK, the business gets time to reorganise and hopefully save itself whilst taking a break from paying any suppliers or investors. Staff will continue to be paid.

“The decision is based on a shortage of liquidity and deemed to be a necessary step to give the Company the time needed to negotiate a long-term financial solution and implement changes in the organization and operations. The financial targets for Q4 2018 and 2020 no longer applies,” states a post on the Starbreeze website.


Bo Andersson, Starbreeze CEO, is to leave the position and he and Kristofer Arwin have further resigned from Starbreeze Board of Directors effective immediately.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead had a whopping price cut recently, cutting the price from $60 to $30, but only including the first season’s content. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead isn’t the hot property it once was.

Payday 3 and System Shock 3 are currently in the works for Starbreeze so hopefully they can recover.

Source: Starbreeze

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  1. Sadly this had failure written all over it. An uninspired shooter based on a no longer popular franchise from a team with a horrific track record on console.

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