Celebrating The Reveal Of A Game Is Now A Thing And It Shouldn’t Be


Two years ago we got our first look at The Last of Us Part 2, since then we’ve seen a few more videos but really not much of the game. That’s fine, games take ages to make and Sony have a really bad habit of revealing something years before it’s out, be we don’t need to celebrate the reveal of the game.

This going straight to the top of my list of crap industry ideas, pushing down ‘teasers of teaser trailers’ and ‘announcements of announcements’ to second and third place respectively.

Anyway, here’s a load of people going nuts over a game that still isn’t out and probably won’t be for a good while yet, featuring a two year old video.

Source: YouTube / The awful brain of some PR person

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  1. No fun allowed!

    • Actually, I don’t like reaction videos at all so yeah can do without this.

      I get being excited about the reveal of a new game that is a sequel of one you love though.

  2. There’s no game i’d rather be playing right now than TLoU2 so that video is just a tease – although i am tempted by another replay of TLoU now ..

  3. I couldn’t be more excited for TLOU2 but I do wish Sony would start announcing their games closer to release. Microsoft, for the most part, aren’t much better and Nintendo is a little inconsistent (did we really need to see those Metroid/Bayonetta3 teasers last year?)

  4. Reaction video? More like OVERrreaction video.

    I LOVE Last of Us, completed it on PS3 and PS4, played the Left BeHind… I think it’s great, it is a very special thing…. But come on. One dude was “crying”, get a grip.

    I cried when my babies was born, whed loved ones died, when I stubbed my toe really badly one time… But I have never and can’t ever see me crying over a movie, game, comic, book, TV series, piece of art from an artist I REALLY like.

    I’m I old … I’m 38… So not really.. but also yeah a little. I just into get “reaction” video.


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