Futurlab’s Mini-Mech Mayhem Revealed As A Table Top Battle Game

Futurlab’s next PlayStation VR game has finally be revealed and they decided to tackle yet another genre, describing the game as “That holographic chess game in Star Wars with some Hearthstone-Lite mixed in.”

The game, which launches early next year, sees up to four players online take the form of highly customisable robot avatars and battle each other on the virtual table. “We’re delighted to finally reveal Mini-Mech Mayhem – we’ve made a bunch of very fun games in the past, but we’ve never really made a funny game. This is hilarious and should appeal to anyone that enjoys a tabletop game night with their friends, only now they can play together remotely in VR!” said FuturLab MD James Marsden.

Now there’s a tiny alarm bell ringing in my head as humour is very subject and incredibly hard to get right in games, so fingers crossed they can pull this off.

Source: Press release / YouTube

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