Head To The Hungaroring With Assetto Corsa Competizione’s 0.4 Update

Forza Ferrari

Another month, another step in the development of Assetto Corsa Competizione. The 0.4 update to the game’s path through Early Access sees them adding another new track and car to the game, this time featuring a laser scanned rendition of the Hungaroring, and the Ferrari 488 GT3.

0.4 also brings more features to the game’s multiplayer, with Sprint and Endurance races added to the possibilities, while a new Broadcasting Mode SDK allows Steam users to stream, comment, and gain access to a fully functional control room with camera-swap commands, interactive cameras and more. All of this is accessible through the new Open Source app, which Kunos hope will expand through the efforts of modders.

Assetto  Corsa Competizione is available now in Early Access via Steam, with the intent to hit 1.0 next summer. Hopefully a jump to consoles will follow shortly after.

Source: press release

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  1. The Hungaroring is one of my favourite tracks so it would be great if I had decided to get this but with RDR2 and jc4 I’ve got plenty games to keep me busy for a while. I also wanting to get back to F1 and GT Sport, just not enough time to play the games I have without adding more.

    Talking of GT Sport I read on Push Square (i think) that there’s a good chance of Formula E coming to the game, which would be good.

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