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The Fallout 76 Christmas Cosmetics Are Rather Expensive

So your game is rather broken, it’s not selling, you’ve annoyed your fans, and you screwed up the special editions, what do you do? You release a £16 Santa outfit and make sure everyone knows it’s great value by saying it’s on sale, it’s regular price is £20!

But wait, I’m being unkind, the £16 pack also gets you a stuffed radstag camp decoration and two icons so that’s OK. You can also pick twelve festive emotes for 1200 Atoms, the Fallout 76 in game currency, and that’s at half price meaning it should cost you £16 as well – bargain!

As you might expect people are rather miffed, pointing out that the price of the three new cosmetic DLCs is only a few quid cheaper than the entire Fallout 4 season pass. You can earn Atoms in game of course, but it’s going to take a grind.

Source: Reddit via Eurogamer

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