Game Of The Year 2018 – Best Character

This year has seen a number of characters make their debuts or long awaited returns to video game world, but we’ve also come a long way in the last 20 or 30 years. Video game characters now often have so much more depth and nuance to make players really care about their plights.

This was a category that had a bit of debate during our discussions for the awards, ranging from the deep and meaningful characters to those that simply injected a huge amount of fun into proceedings. After the dust settled, only one Spartan could possibly stand above the others.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey didn’t just have a world full of depth and detail, but a protagonist that matched it in the form of Kassandra. Here is a character that feels incredibly human and as she travels through Ancient Greece you’re treated to every aspect of her personality from her happiness, flirting and little musings about the world to her anger, sadness, and anxiousness when facing some difficult dilemmas.

Kassandra’s design isn’t of some perfect and idealised person, but one who has been through the wars quite literally. It’s part of why she so fits well into her world. Voice actress Melissanthi Mahut brings Kassandra to life in such a way that every line is delivered in a way that makes her actions and reactions believable. It also helps that, alongside Alexios, she has the most freedom among the Assassin’s Creed protagonists, from exploring the land to the sea while not being too tied down in one particular place.

The Narrator (Strange Brigade) – Runner Up

Good day, chaps! Please allow us to introduce the first, and most dashing (we presume), runner  up in the best character category: it’s The Narrator from Strange Brigade. He pips some other slightly more obvious choices purely for his prim and proper, yet outlandish quips. His humour and observations helped elevate the experience of Strange Brigade.

Apparently, Mr Narrator was only supposed to be a placeholder, but people had such positive things to say about him that Rebellion decided to keep him in. A good job or he wouldn’t have made this list. So, well done Rebellion in creating a memorable character that we never even see but are never without in Strange Brigade.

Mimir (God of War) – Runner Up

God of War was roundly praised for its character writing with a lot of attention heaped on the more reserved Kratos, but that Spartan’s shot at a runner’s up spot was snatched away by not one, but two disembodied voices. Mimir has been crowned a runner-up and he deserves his place. Due to this being a whole new realm for us and Kratos, Mimir was the perfect guide.

Mimir was a storyteller, a historian, and a politician. Some of the best moments in the game come when you’re just rowing around while Mimir reveals tales about the gods and legends of the Norse realms. They’re delivered in such a way that it actually gets a little annoying when he is interrupted and says he’ll finish the tale later. That’s the sign of a great character, one whose words you’ll hang on to and don’t want to stop speaking.

Honourable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

  • Dutch (Red Dead Redemption 2)
  • Frog Detective (The Haunted Island – A Frog Detective Game)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Otto Octavius (Marvel’s Spider-Man)

No doubt you’ll have your opinions on this, so we’d like to know who your favourite character was of 2018, and why?

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  1. The winner is a character so good that 2/3 of players picked the other character instead? ;)

    • You’re right, the winner should totally be Alex Hunter because FIFA 19 has sold 10x as many copies…

      • If we’re going by that logic, I insist you give Dutch the award instead then. RDR2 has sold a billion copies by now, hasn’t it?

      • Not according to Gamstat, and chart positions have been relatively back and forth since mid-November.

      • Those numbers based on the rarest trophy thing? I’m not sure they apply to RDR2, with another month or so that wasn’t counted.

        But it was 12.5m for Fifa 19 and 7.7m for RDR2. But Rockstar claimed 17m in the first 2 weeks. So something’s way off with those numbers, probably for both games.

        The original point was that you picked the character from a game that only 1/3 of players picked. Is Alexios that bad that 2/3 of people picked the wrong one? I know which one I’ll be picking when I eventually get around to it. (Whatever the case is, he can’t be as bad as whatever his name was in the previous game. Worst character ever)

      • I could google this but then you guys are here. When you say pick a character, is this to play as them from the start or something later, story based?

      • You don’t meet either character before you make a choice, kjkg. There’s nothing beyond word of mouth and general personal preference to the decision and the split in people picking either of them.

        For us Kassandra was collectively just a more interesting character, and the character design as a woman is a big step forward for Ubisoft and games in general. She looks like a woman that goes to war and has all the scars that go with it, but still has layers and nuance.

        We simply chose to represent other games and other characters through the rest of the list. Pick and play as whoever you want.

    • My god you spout some awful drivel. Do you actually listen to some of the crap that you speak?

      • Listen? Speak? That’s not how the internet works. Mostly. I guess it does for some people.

        But I just type the “crap” as you put it. You obviously went to the effort to read it and reply with an insult. So I think I come out on top there.

        Unless you didn’t read it, in which case I think it’s the same result, but more so.

  2. Nobody from Detroit made the cut? That’s just downright offensive.

  3. Please, Kassandra only won because she doesn’t have a penis! Women! Yey! Pfft! (Well, she’s no Aloy or Rachel Amber!). But… technically Alexios doesn’t have a penis either (he’s a Ken). Believe me when I say I searched.. I didn’t spend 70+ hours completing side-quests and unfogging the map lol (I actually did) – 10 hours completing the main story 60+ trying to find the right angle :D

    Alexios wasn’t perfect but he was ten times the character Kassandra was. He was often genuinely funny but heartfelt when it mattered. His reaction to Phoebe’s fate was real and very touching. I’d sooner give the honour to Lara before Kassandra and I’m completely ambivalent towards modern Lara. But at least she’s a fully rounded character.

    The problem with AC Odyssey was that the main character was written in such a way as to fit both male and female voice actors. Jack of all trades, master of none. Give us a fully realised female protagonist, not an angry lesbian with a sword.

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