Snowy Vikendi Map Is Now Available In PUBG For PC

Just in time for a visit from Santa, PUBG Corp. have released the snowy Vikendi map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC. At the same time, it marks the start of a new Survivor Pass, set to fill the next ten weeks with challenges, missions and rewards.

Vikendi is a 6x6km map, putting it between the 8x8km and 4x4km of the previous three maps in the game, and PUBG seem hopeful that it makes it both relatively easy to memorise, but also provide some of the open spaces of the first two maps. There’s European-style cities, a Cosmodrome, snowy forests and the excellent sounding ‘Dino Park’ which sounds a-maze-ing.

Dropping down, people will find the G36C, a new 5.56mm AR exclusive to Vikendi, and a new snowmobile will make it easy to scoot across the snowfields and into the forests.

Vikendi is out now for PC, but console players shouldn’t have to wait too long, with a planned release for Xbox One and PS4 in January.

Source: press release

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