Ones To Watch In 2019 – PlayStation 4 Games

With this console generation approaching its conclusion, it’s remarkable to consider the sheer depth, breadth and variety of video games heading to PlayStation 4 in 2019. It’s no wonder why; with a massive installed userbase that exceeds any other current gen console, releasing a game on PS4 allows publishers and developers the chance to sell their product to a vast audience.

It all means that even as PS4 prepares to head off into the sunset, there’s plenty of exclusives to look forward to. From remakes of beloved classics, to reinterpretations of a fan favourite franchise and not one, but two, third person survival action games set in a post-apocalyptic world, there’s something here for everyone.

Days Gone

Platform: PS4 – Release: 26th April 2019


Is Days Gone just the Last of Us with a different skin? There’re definitely clear comparisons to be made. Set in a post- apocalyptic world and played from a third person perspective, Days Gone follows its bounty hunter protagonist as he uses stealth or full action to overcome violent encounters. Then there’s the fact that a global pandemic has wiped out most of the world’s population and turned the survivors into zombies. So far, so The Last of Us.

But that’s to do Days Gone a disservice, as there’s some major changes to the Last of Us formula to be found here. Most obvious is that Days Gone takes place within an open world setting with a dynamic weather system and day and night cycles. You also have a motorbike to traverse the environment, and we all know that the inclusion of motorbikes makes everything 16.5% better. Interestingly, the power of the zombie-like creatures will vary depending on it being day or night – creating some intriguing gameplay possibilities. Will Days Gone step out of the shadow of the Last of Us and discover its own identity? We’ll find out in April.

Judgement (Judge Eyes)

Platform: PS4 – Release Date: Summer 2019 

When discussing Judgement, it’s easy to focus on its similarities to the game’s big brother, Yakuza. But Judgement – or Judge Eyes as it is known in Japan – has a fresh approach, taking the Yakuza style of game we know and love and putting a private detective in the role of protagonist. It’s a simple change, but one that has startling consequences on the game’s mechanics. Not so much in the fighting, which sees a similar system to that used in Yakuza 0, but certainly in its Investigation mode.

Takayuki Yagami, ex-lawyer and now private detective, is tracking down a serial killer through the streets of Kamurocho – yes, the iconic district of Tokyo that’s found in all the Yakuza titles. Yagami will investigate crime scenes by identifying objects of importance or potential witnesses, don disguises to follow suspects, conduct surveillance, and gather and present evidence. He’ll also kick a lot of people in the face, after all, this wouldn’t be a Ryu ga Gotoku Studio game without plentiful examples of boots smacking chins.

Concrete Genie

Platform: PS4 – Release Date: Q1/Q2 2019

Concrete Genie is a fascinating prospect, allowing the player to create ‘living paintings’ in a dank, derelict city. Thanks to the young painter Ash and his magic paintbrush, each landscape he paints onto a wall is magically and vibrantly brought to life; strawberry pink trees sway in the breeze, bright auroras twinkle and gleam, and bizarre creatures leap from wall to wall. This is a gorgeous, and visually very original, game.

There’s a loose story that see’s Ash retrieving the stolen pages of his notebook from some bullies whilst traversing the fictional town of Denska. This leads to some light puzzling, utilising the creatures within your paintings to open a gate for example, but this is primarily a game about free-style painting and experimentation. Using a twin-stick system, painting looks fast, seamless and I can’t wait to experience Concrete Genie for myself.


Platform: PS4 – Release Date: 2019

Dreams looks like Media Molecule’s most ambitious game to date and when their previous work includes the LittleBigPlanet series, that’s certainly saying something! With Dreams, Media Molecule and promising to create a space in which players can create and share your own dreams, be they games, art, media, music or anything in-between.

Players control an imp, the equivalent of a mouse, with which they can interact with the game world, creating new characters and objects and then manipulating these elements to traverse the environment and the puzzles within them. Players are free to play and then to create and share their own levels with the community, just as in LBP. Media Molecule are intending to fuse these three elements together into one complete experience, meaning that players will be able to create together in co-op multiplayer. It all sounds ridiculously ambitious and should be well worthy of your attention upon release.

The game’s currently in closed beta, with a wider beta opening on 8th January and running until the 21st. After that, we’ve still no idea when Mm plan on actually releasing the game…

MediEvil Remake

Platform: PS4 – Release Date: 2019

With the success that has greeted the remakes of both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, it was pretty obvious that Sony would want some of that sweet, sweet retro dollar by revisiting its own classics from yesteryear. After initial confusion as to what MediEvil would actually be – remake, remaster or brand-new entry – it turns out that it’s a straight up remake.

This is probably a good thing, considering this twenty-year-old third person platformer may well need more than a spit and polish to belong in 2019. Hopefully the slapstick tone will be maintained, as this was the standout feature of perennial coward Sir Daniel Fortesque and his quest to defeat evil sorcerer Zarok. A release date is still only loosely in 2019, but just in time for Halloween would make sense from a promotional point of view.

The Last of Us Part II

Platform: PS4 – Release Date: 2019

This is the big one. Upon its release in 2013, The Last of Us won almost every game of the year award going and cemented Naughty Dog as one of the most influential developers around. It also set fan expectations sky high for a sequel, expectations that have only grown in the six years it will have taken for the eventual follow-up to be realised. Set five years on from the events of The Last of Us, Part II picks up the story with an older and far more violent Ellie.

With a level of character animation that is ridiculously details and varied, TLOU 2 certainly looks the part of a AAA game. That being said, despite the sheen, at this stage what we’ve seen is mostly the same old stealth and combat, just with extra gore. The excessive violence has certainly raised a few eyebrows, but if this can be balanced with the moral ambiguity and phenomenal fusion of storytelling and gameplay seen in the original, then even more game of the year awards will be adorning Naughty Dog’s office shelf.

And that’s our list. What are you looking forward to playing only on PS4? Be sure to let us know in the comments. And check back tomorrow when we’ll be announcing the ultimate game of the year as well as identifying 2018’s biggest video game dissapointments.



  1. I don’t think there has been anywhere near the variety of PS3 or PS2 in this generation. In fact I’ve jumped ship and I’m living out the last year or so on Switch.

  2. Nothing here I’m particularly excited about though Ghost of Tsushima is probably my personal pick.

  3. Baffled that some still see this generation on PlayStation as inferior to PS3 and PS2 content wise. Personally I have never had a back logue this big in any of the six consoles (handheld included).

    Also; I think I want all of the games mentioned in this article – including Ghost of Tshushima which for some reason only gets a mention in the comments.

    • Same here. Huge backlog, not played half the stuff this generation, and still more to come with the PS5 coming in the next year or 2.

      On the other hand, I’ve just run into a massive problem with the PS4 where I keep getting logged out with an error message that’s as helpful as ever. Something to do with trophies not syncing. Only solution is to back up all my save data (which I probably should have been doing anyway), delete the user and recreate it. Which deletes corrupt trophy data, apparently. But it’s going to take 8 hours to backup.

      So fuck Sony. The PS4 generation is the worst ever. Never had this problem back in the PS2 days. Or PS3.

      It’s taking valuable time away from clearing some of my backlog! Which may just prove a point.

      • Actually, after realising I wasn’t using a USB3 drive for backups, I might just let Sony off. It’s only going to take 30 minutes now.

        But what appears to be a tiny bit of corrupt trophy data has completely buggered up my PS4. So I’m not happy.

  4. What’s the reason for the omission of Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima?

    A couple of other notables are Nioh 2 and the FFVII remake.

    • Are they coming in 2019? Nioh 2 might make it, but Death Stranding will probably get delayed many, many times and might just make it before the PS6. And have they even started on the FF7 remake? Cancelling the FF15 DLC sounds to me like a case of “shit, we said we’d do FF7 again and forgot. Let’s get everyone on that, it’ll make a big pile of money”

      • Just bought the PS Classic so I’ll finally get around to playing the original FFVII. Expectations are adjusted for PS1 era graphics but still not sure what to expect. Mostly intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. My first and last dabble with FF was FFXIII and it was pretty awful.

  5. I don’t know about The Last of Us but I’m constantly confusing Death Stranding with Days Gone.

    When I saw the bike in the video I automatically assumed it was the Norman Reedus game because… Daryl Dixon TWD. But the Norman Reedus game is Death Stranding.

    They both look great either way.

  6. TLoU 2 and Dreams are my picks out of those. Must check and see if anyone has posted any footage from the Dreams beta yet.

  7. Heavy hitters incoming. Need to start completing some of my backlog. Damn you Spider-Man for taking up all my gaming time you brilliant bastard you!

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