Awooga! The January PlayStation Plus Games Are Now Live, Download Links Here


It’s time for a new set of PlayStation Plus games and as usual we have to download links below so you can queue them up while you’re at work, ready to be played when you get home.  The big game this month is winter sports title Steep, and you also get Portal Knights on PS4.

Here are the links, get clicking!

By the way, check your cart before you hit the buy button, for some reason I was getting two copies of Zone of Enders, one free and one that I was being charged for. Don’t forget PlayStation Plus members can also get some free Fortnite gear.

Source: PS Store

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  1. Zone of the Enders does indeed seem to have 2 versions. A HD Edition and a HD Collection.

    The “edition” version seems to be half the size and may show up as costing something. The “collection” seems to be the one you’re after.

    Also, Amplitude allegedly includes the PS4 version as well. Even though there’s no mention of the PS4 version being cross-buy anywhere.

    • To get Amplitude for PS4 you have to add the PS3 version to your basket (use the web version of the store) and go through checkout. If you then search for the PS4 version it should show as free also.

  2. Steep link appears to just be to the picture of the game boxart not the page. Or it may just be my phone

    Great game to get this month as I’ve been tempted by it in a few sales

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