Check Out The Su-34 Aircraft In Action In The Latest Ace Combat 7 Trailer


A new trailer for Ace Combat 7 has arrived which shows off gameplay from the Su-34 Aircraft, sporting quite a nice blue camouflage.  The footage itself shows the action from both the third person and cockpit view so you can preview how things’ll look should you decide to pick up Ace Combat 7 when it releases in just a couple of weeks for PS4, with PSVR support, Xbox One and PC.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Looks good.
    The game was on Click a week or two ago and Kate Russell looked rather green after playing it in VR, but she was the same when she got out of a plane after a real world dogfight.

  2. Have they ever seen a plane take off? It doesn’t simply tilt up and leave the ground, it usually drops a little bit before the air catches it. The take off looked so fake…

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