The Slightly Less Improbable Boob Beta Is Now Live On PS4

The PlayStation 4 Dead or Alive 6 beta is now live, exclusive to those who have PlayStation Plus, and it will run until 3pm on 14th January so you haven’t got long to log in and complain that the lady-bumps are far less jiggly in this new game in the series.

The beta has one game mode, Online Versus, but you get five characters to play including Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate, Hayabusa, and “The Uncrowned Street Hero,” Diego. There’s only one arena, the DOA Colosseum, but it does have exploding ring ropes so that’s… something.


As for those less improbable boobs, the ridiculous jelly-like mammary physics from previous games has been toned down. “We are trying to achieve some natural movement, so when you move, things move naturally. That’s our intention,” said  game director Yohei Shimbori. Female characters are also wearing a lot more clothing “so everyone can play without being embarrassed”.

To grab the beta tickle this link.

Source: PS Store

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