Intruders: Hide And Seek Announced For PlayStation VR

Sometimes the name of a video game can tell you all you need to know about the title and this is one of those cases. Your family have been kidnapped and restrained by some intruders and you have to find a way to free them whilst avoiding capture. Simple!

The game is being developed by Tessera Studios based in Spain and is their first title for PSVR. They say it will offer a “realistic hostage drama” but through the eyes of a ten year old boy.

The game launches on PSVR on February 13th and will be coming to PC with VR support in 2020.

Source: Press release 

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  1. I’m pretty lucky in that I very rarely suffer from motion sickness or any of the other woes you hear of whilst playing VR.

    I do imagine though that it will be quite surreal playing a 4ft kid and constantly looking up to the adults in the game.

    Tuff, that’s definitely going to mess with your brain I reckon.

  2. …aaaand you can actually play it in standard mode. The boxed copies at the end of the trailer says so. Assuming that kjkg is right about the challenges of motion sickness (which I struggling to get rid off) that decision is welcomed by me as the concept sounds intriguing.

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