New Anthem Gameplay Shows Off The Colossus Javelin & A New Mission

EA have generally kept their cards close to their chests over Anthem, but they’re gradually opening up via YouTuber videos that preview the different Javelins and early missions of the game. The latest drop sees the Colossus Javelin and pairs it with the Preventative Precautions story mission, which is set shortly after the The Lost Arcanist mission that has previously been shown.

These are missions and gear that we can probably expect to see when EA hold a three day demo on 1st February, ahead of the game’s 22nd February release.

Here’s Datto and Arekkz with their gameplay and thoughts:

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  1. I can’t work out if I still want this game. It looks lovely, could be a lot of fun in co-op but I really feel I need to wait and see with it.

    Anyone that’s played the Beta, thoughts?

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