Pokémon Devs Game Freak Are Bringing Giga Wrecker Alt. To Consoles This Year

You know Game Freak best for their Pokémon games, but they also break out of this niche every once in a while to release games like Tembo the Badass Elephant. Back in 2017 they released physics-based metroidvania game Giga Wrecker for PC, and now they’re bringing an enhanced version of this game to console.

The game features a 2D world to navigate, but protagonist Reika has a power known as ARCHE (Arms Creating and Handling Effect), which gives her ability to destroy and rebuild the world around her. It’s this that is at the heart of the game’s puzzling and combat.

The console release adds twenty extra puzzle stages to the campaign, with a new non-playable character there to assist you if you get a bit stuck and an Ironman mode that dramatically increases damage for players who want more challenge.

Giga Wrecker Alt. will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch later this year, published by Rising Star Games and with limited edition versions for PS4 and Switch by Limited Run Games.

Source: press release

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