Sony to merge it’s UK HQ with The Netherlands to avoid the consequences of brexit


The Telegraph are reporting that Sony are to merge their UK HQ in to their Dutch arm to avoid any possible fallout from Brexit. Although no staff or operations will be moved it will mean the company’s HQ is now in Amsterdam so all financial reporting will occur there.

It appears Sony is fearing a hard Brexit which could make the UK difficult to trade with, especially when it comes to financial matters. There’s also a possibility that post Brexit the UK could become a tax haven, offering business very low rates, but that also has problems and the Japanese don’t like having their business in such locations. That’s the reason why Panasonic are also moving their HQ out of the UK to the Netherlands.

We should point out that PlayStation is a separate company and so far they seem to be keeping their UK headquarters, but if Sony are moving one chunk of their business there’s a good chance they will shift everything. However, in 2015 the WTO added video games consoles and software to it’s zero tariff list, so as far as I can tell, even if we do crash out the price of games should not rise, at least not from tariffs.

Of course after March 29th you’ll probably be starving from the lack of food and too busy deciding which of your pets looks the tastiest to bother playing videos games.

Source: Telegraph

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  1. So you reckon I should invest in a pet or two before 29/3?

    • I’m gonna get a goat and three cats for milk.

      • I didn’t know you can milk cats!

      • You can milk anything with nipples!

      • Even grease nipples? Wow :)

  2. I hear guinea pigs are very tasty. You might need a couple though.

    • They certainly enjoy them in Peru, the g-pigs are a delicacy there.

  3. It’s good to see forecasts of jobs shifting coming down from the silly months after the referendum. Only last week, I think it was the CBI was mentioning how it was down from 50,000 to around 5,000 jobs in a particular industry (if we do a “hard” brexit and the businesses who’d mentioned leaving committed to it).

    Knee-jerk reactions help no one. Well, unless your knee is being attacked. :P


    Well, we keep hearing about the obesity epidemic in the UK, so maybe a shortage of food will actually benefit us in the long run.

    After smoking, obesity is the single greatest cause of early death in the UK. So when you think of it that way, a hard Brexit is actually saving countless lives. Two-fold if we’re unable to import tobacco products as well.

    See, every cloud has a silver lining :)

  5. “Crash out”, “Hard Brexit”, “Good shortage”. Why not add alien invasion lol.

    • Food*

      I’d blame my phone for that typo but it was probably Brexit that did it.

    • Don’t forget the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse will make an appearance too & we’ll be plunged into an ice age lol

      • That’s the one I worry about most.

  6. As the Telegraph article states, no staff or operations are moving so this is essentially a change of business address. Playstation has been in the UK for 25 years and many of its senior staff have been there all that time so it’s* very unlikely that Sony would either move that side of the business to another country or expect its UK-based senior management to move en masse therefore I’d be surprised if PlayStation (or for that matter Sony Music) were to move.

    *Re. “it’s” – this ONLY ever takes an apostrophe when “it’s” is used as an abbreviation of “it is” or “it has”, eg “it’s grim up north” or “it’s got colder this week”.

    When used in a possessive sense – that is when something belongs to “it” (for example when “it” is Sony and the something is Sony’s UK HQ) then you NEVER NEVER NEVER use an apostrophe. You write: Sony To Merge Its UK HQ.

    “Its” in this case is the equivalent of “his” or her”, so just as you would write “My son has taken his coat off”, you would write “That snake has shed its skin”.

    This is a simple rule that I was taught by Miss Kenna in primary school when I was seven years old.

    Sony To Merge It’s UK HQ

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