Anthem’s VIP demo seems popular – EA issue fixes to server troubles

Update 26/01 11AM GMT – EA pushed out a game update overnight to tackle a bug preventing players from connecting to servers. Most players should now be able to connect, though some issues do still linger and can be tracked here.

Update 9PM GMT – It now seems as though the Anthem demo has pushed EA’s broader online services off a cliff, or at least been an aggravating factor. BioWare GM says it’s not just server load, but a bug that didn’t present in previous testing. The good news is they’ve got four weeks to sort all of this out before the game’s launch. Fingers crossed?

The original story follows:

Anthem’s VIP demo kicked off at 5PM today, and within minutes people were already reporting that the game wasn’t letting them log in. The problem? The servers were already full up!

Considering the number of pre-orders and the manner in which you can then invite three further players, EA should maybe have anticipated the amount of server capacity they would require, but thankfully they’ve reacted quickly and started to spin up more servers, but are doing so gradually.

Here’s BioWare community manager Darokaz:

In a separate issue, it seems that some people are getting stuck on infinite load screens. While BioWare investigate, the suggestion is simply to restart the game and see if that lets you get back into the mission… you know, so long as the server you were on doesn’t then fill up!

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  1. BF5 is not working either. Well done EA, slow clap!!

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