Hitman 2 Elusive Target #3 wants Agent 47 to appraise her like he should

IO and Agent 47 have come a long, long way together, through the bad times and the good. And Hitman 2 is definitely in with the good! The latest games in the series feature live content and new missions that appear and disappear after a period of time, known as Elusive Targets. The third of these in Hitman 2 is now live, with Agent 47 tasked to take out Miranda Jamison, The Appraiser.

Live from now until 3rd February, it will see Agent 47 head to Isle of Sgàil and give you just one chance to take out the target successfully. Manage to do so and you unlock the snappily titled “Tuxedo and Mask with Gloves Suit”.


While this Elusive Target is live, Hitman 2 is also having a Snow Festival event, taking players to the Hokkaido level from the first game, and with an Ice Pick and Snow Festival Suit possible to unlock. It’s available for Legacy Pack holders in perpetuity, but you can still check it out, even if you don’t own Hitman 2. It can be downloaded and played up until 12th February, with progress carrying over to the main game if you then buy it.

Source: press release

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