Hitman Freelancer mode launches on 26th January

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IO Interactive has announced that the long-awaited HItman Freelancer mode will be released on 26th January, a free DLC update for Hitman 3, which will be upgraded into Hitman World of Assassination on the same day.

Hitman Freelancer is a new single player campaign mode built on the foundations of all of the content that IOI created for the World of Assassination trilogy. The mode will present you with criminal syndicates to take down, but do so without the kind of direct, guided storyline that typically runs through a Hitman game. Instead, randomisation will mean that you have to investigate a syndicate for yourself, rooting out lower level players in the criminal enterprise that gathering clues to identify targets in Showdown missions.

Intriguingly, the randomisation means that objectives might not be possible on a given mission. It’s up to you to determine that an objective can be completed, and that you have the right gear for the job.

With this randomisation, Hitman Freelancer is an effort to add endless replayability to the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy, a trio of games that already boasted impressive flexibility and potential to revisit levels with different objectives through limited time Elusive Targets and other in-game objectives.

For Hitman Freelancer to work best, IOI has also ensured that it can draw from all the main game levels from the trilogy, announcing last week that Hitman 3 would receive a free upgrade to Hitman World of Assassination, bundling in the Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 levels regardless of whether you bought those games or not. This not only makes it cheaper, but it also dramatically simplifies the process of buying the game and accessing all the content as the game enters its twilight following the conclusion of Year 2 of post-launch support.

For more details on the Hitman World of Assassination upgrade, head here.

Source: IO Interactive

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