French man weighs PS4 on fruit & veg scale and pays just €9.29 for the console


A 19 year old man from Monbéliard, France, has been given a four month suspended prison sentence as he walked out of a hypermarket after paying just €9.29 (£8.10) for a PlayStation 4 console.

The man, named Adel, picked up the console from the shelves and then took it the fruit and veg department. He then weighed the console on the scales normally used by customers to weigh and price loose fruit and veg. The console, now with a brand new bar code for €9.29 of delicious fruit, was then taken to the self checkout and scanned, allowing Adel to walk out of the store without being questioned as he had been seen to pay for the console.

Rumours that he went home and played Ace Kumquat 7 and Assassin’s Creed: Oranges have yet to be verified.

Unfortunately for Adel the staff spotted his ruse a little later so when he came back the next day to repeat his actions he was arrested. Maybe if he weighed an iPhone and priced it as apples his scam might have worked?

Source: Europe1

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  1. I heard he also played Herbed Eyes-on Seared Old Prawns and Rocket Leak with a Red Dead Reduction and washed it all down with some Cooled Off Dew Tea.

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