Sony are bumping PlayStation Plus’ cloud storage up to 10GB in February


If you’re someone that’s run through hundreds of games across PS3, PS Vita and PS4, there’s a chance that you might be butting up against the 10GB limit of your PlayStation Plus subscription’s cloud storage. Well, worry no more, because Sony are going to give you ten times the storage space next week. You’ll now have 100GB of space to clog up with game saves and not have to worry about losing your old Hannah Montana save.

Perhaps a reason for the bump is that after February you’ll no longer be getting PS3 and PS Vita games with the Instant Game Collection, but it’s a good move and brings Sony’s cloud storage closer to the unlimited cloud saves that Microsoft offer. Then again, MS give that to Xbox One owners for free.

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  1. “a chance that you might be butting up against the 10GB limit”

    A chance??? Been like that for a couple of years now. My PS4’s notifications contains 200+ failed uploads!

    Which makes the whole cloud storage thing useless and a valuable lesson in backing everything up properly. But now I’ll have 70GB free space. So I’ll not bother backing up to a USB drive and regret it when something goes wrong on Sony’s end.

    • I have automatic uploads on selected games. When I had it on every game, I got the failed uploads as well. Especially DriveClub kept making a new save instead of overwriting. So I changed to a few necessary ones and do manual upload on the rest when needed (DriveClub wasn’t needed) and after that: no problems.

      • A manual upload won’t help if there’s no space for it. And 10GB isn’t much for PS4 save games.

        Having a quick look, there’s 460GB for RE7. 200GB for Bioshock 1&2 (which has a weird issue of limiting how much space it can use for saves). 325 for Driveclub (plus something similar for the VR version)

        It soon reaches the 10GB limit. So the extra space is very welcome.

        Still a good plan to back things up to a USB drive every now and then. Quicker to restore everything should you ever need to. I did a few weeks back when my trophy data was corrupt. Only way to fix that is to delete the user from the PS4. Trophy data then downloads from the server and fixes it. But you lose all the saved games. 30GB takes about half an hour to backup to a USB3 drive. And then the same time to restore. And weeks to get everything back in folders, which seem to get lost in the process.

  2. Good news, although I have no idea how much storage I’ve used.

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