A new Nintendo Switch commercial shows Final Fantasy VII running on the console


A while back Square Enix announced that a number of older Final Fantasy games would be heading to Nintendo Switch but so far they have only revealed Final Fantasy X/X2 which hits the console on April 16th.

However, a new video promoting the console shows the legendary Final Fantasy VII running on the console with the tag line suggesting it’s ‘coming soon’. It looks like a bare bones port including the original’s janky frame rate which is a bit of a shame.

PlayStation gamers are still waiting for news on the Final Fantasy VII remake, we haven’t seen that for quite a while.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I realise there are so many iterations of the FF game so they can;t port all of them but it does feel like VIII is constantly overlooked. Bring that to switch and I will be all over it.

    Or something similar to that PS4 version of VII with trophies and speeding up cheats etc.

    • As the story goes, the original code for VIII has been lost to the sands of time. I guess though if the VII remake ever sees the light of day, and is a success, maybe they could remake VIII as well.

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