Nioh sells 2.5M copies, Kingdom Hearts III shifts 5M, Wargroove and Sea of Thieves doing well too

Time for some exciting sales figures, they’re always fun aren’t they? It’s a happy birthday to Team Ninja’s Nioh as the game has celebrated it’s second birthday with the news that it has sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. Koei Tecmo also took time to remind everyone a sequel is in the works.


Doing rather better, and in a much shorter space of time, is Kingdom Hearts III which has managed to ship over 5 million copies since it launched just a few days ago. This makes it the fastest selling game in the franchise by a considerable margin.

Next up to toot their own trumpets are developers Rare with Craig Duncan tweeting that their player base is “super healthy”.

To round off the good news Chucklefish, the developer and publisher of Wargroove, has said that they have already recouped the development costs of the game “and are throwing ourselves into improving the game further.”

Source: Twiter 1/2/3/ Wargroove

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