Ubisoft details the Trials Rising post launch plans

Trials Rising is set to release in just a few weeks time and virtual thrill seekers may just be enticed with what is on offer, but the February 26th release day is just the beginning of the content that will become available. Ubisoft has given some details on what players can expect when it comes to post-launch support in Trials Rising, including what the expansion pass will contain.

There will be two major expansion packs released for Trials Rising called Sixty Six and Crash & Burn. Sixty Six will have riders compete on tracks along the famous highway in North America. Meanwhile, Crash & Burn will take riders south of the equator to the continents of South America, Africa, and Australia. These two packs will have a combined total of 55 tracks. Additionally, the pass will include the Stuntman and Samurai costume packs. On top of the expansion pass content, there will be multiplayer seasons which will also include new items and tracks. There’s also the track editor so even more content will be available through the community. Players will also be able to fully customise their riders too.

Source: Press Release

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