Trials Rising Crash & Sunburn is out now, check out the trailer


Trials Rising is heading south of the border in it’s new DLC pack, letting you visit jungles, forests, and mountains of the southern hemisphere.

Crash & Sunburn is the second of the two major expansion packs being released for Trials Rising. The first was Sixty Six which allowed players to take on challenges at different points of the infamous Route 66. If you haven’t played Trials Rising yet and want to know whether its worth the ride then here’s what Stefan wrote in our review:

Trials Rising takes us back to basics with the real world inspiring a long series of new and inventive trials, but losing none of the challenge or RedLynx’s dark sense of humour. The menus are a bit messy, the loot boxes pointless, and it doesn’t really advance the series, but when you get into it this is the series back to its addictive, infuriating, “one more go!” best.

You can read the full Trials Rising review here. Alternatively, if you prefer watching your reviews instead then you can check out the Trials Rising video review here or just cast your eyes below.

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