The Division 2 signs up Division 2 players to promote the game, ‘cos like, lols


SCENE: Interior, Ubisoft HQ, PR Department. Four PR execs sit around a table looking frustrated.

Bob: What about that Radio 1 Dj, he’s cool?
Francois: Nick Grimshaw? I think ‘the kids’ call him Grimmers, he’s quite expensive.
Bob: Nah not him, another one, his name is Dev.
Juliette: Dev? Just that?
Bob: Yeah. Dev. The Dev-ision 2. See that works.
Claire: Not really, Bob.
Bob: Oh….


Bob: Wait. What if we dress him up as that Marvel character, the purple red one?
Claire: Thanos?
Bob: Don’t be ridiculous, the one Paul Bettany plays.
Juliette: Oh I get it, he’d be Dev Vision. We could stick a few shots together so there’s two of him, Dev Vision two! Yass queen!
Francois: We’re not going to pay a fortune to use a Marvel character. They wouldn’t let us anyway.
Bob: Oh….


Juliette: (Sadly) There really aren’t many celebs with names that sound like ‘Division 2’ are there?
Bob: F**k it, just get those cheap football players, that joke works.

Ubisoft have signed up Matt Taylor (Swindon Town), Kieran O’Hara (Macclesfield Town), Callum Brittain (MK Dons), George Ray (Crewe Alexandra), Omar Sowunmi (Yeovil Town) and Robbie Simpson (MK Dons) from League Two to promote The Division 2. They will be “encouraging teammates to login during the Private Beta period, which begins today (February 7th) and lasts until Monday (February 11th).”

“We’re thrilled to have signed up the very best players in their own division as ambassadors for the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2,” said Adam Merrett, Senior PR Manager at Ubisoft. “Our new recruits will join an ever-growing and diverse community of Division players as we launch our much-anticipated Private Beta for The Division 2 over the coming days. Watch out for more to come on unique new signings as we head towards launch in March.”

Source: Press release / Clutching at straws / Way too much coffee

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  1. This is a very good post. Ubisoft on the other hand are scraping the bottom of the marketing barrel here.

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