A Ni No Kuni film has been announced, scandalously does not star Drippy

Good news for fans of Ni No Kuni as Warner Bros and Level-5 have teamed up to make an anime movie based on the franchise. Bad news for fans of Ni No Kuni, it’s got a brand new cast of characters and doesn’t star Drippy.

Instead of Roland, Oliver, Evan, and everyone’s favourite lantern nosed fairy, Drippy, we get Yuu, a wheelchair-bound brilliant young man, Haru, his best friend, and Kotona, girlfriend of Haru. Here’s a summary of the plot.


Ni no Kuni—“another world” completely different from, yet parallel to the real world. Following an incident involving their childhood friend Kotona, high school student Yuu and his best friend Haru will travel back and forth between the two worlds… And as the lives of each world’s Kotona are simultaneously endangered, what will be the “ultimate choice” surrounding the three friends and Ni no Kuni?

The film is out in Japan this summer.

Source: Gematsu

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