Capcom adds all of its game soundtracks to Spotify

Do you like video game music? Have you enjoyed Capcom’s compositions over the years? Do you have a Spotify account? Well then you’re in for a treat as the publisher has uploaded all of its game soundtracks to the music streaming service, so you can have an aural adventure through the ages of Capcom’s game music history. If you can think of a Capcom franchise then you’ll be sure to find it on the list.

You can hear the top tracks from the player below and get the rest by searching Capcom Sound Team on Spotify.

Source: Spotify

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  1. I see. Excuse me….


    Sorry, I love soundtracks and the three that I would get(4 if Asura’s Wrath is included) are DMC(Not DMC:DMC, sod that game.), Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry.

  2. I will mostly be listening to the Monster Hunter World soundtrack then. With a smidgen of MvC2 if they’ve seen fit to bung that on there as well.

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