The Division 2 will have an open beta at the start of March

Following on from the private beta that ran last weekend, which was just for those that pre-ordered the game or were lucky enough to get a code, Ubisoft have now confirmed that they will be holding an open beta for the game in early March.

Running from 1st – 4th March, all and sundry will be able to download and get into the beta to visit Washington DC and try out a bunch of the game’s content. Though nothing has been confirmed, it’s highly likely that it will feature the exact same content as the private beta, which featured two early game main missions, a number of side missions and a small slice of endgame content. We played the game over the weekend and shared our thoughts on it just this morning – be sure to check that out here.


The full game will then release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 15th March.

Source: press release

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  1. I found it quite easy to get into this beta, I’ve not preordered but just signed up and got in. Maybe I was just lucky, but a colleague also got a code easily on XBox.

    • Yeah, I think they were pretty free with giving away codes, but it wasn’t a guarantee and a bit of a hurdle for idle passers by.

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