Epic says you can’t copyright dance moves as it will “chill creative expression”

Fortnite creators Epic Games have responded to a lawsuit from rapper 2 Milly who accused Epic of copying his Milly Rock dance move and using it within the hit battle royale title. They state, as widely known, that a single dance move cannot be copyrighted and therefore ner ner ne nerr nerr, you ‘aint getting any dollars.

I’m paraphrasing that a little.


“No one can own a dance step,” wrote Epic’s attorney Dale Cendali. “Copyright law is clear that individual dance steps and simple dance routines are not protected by copyright, but rather are building blocks of free expression, which are in the public domain for choreographers, dancers, and the general public to use, perform, and enjoy.”

“Plaintiff’s lawsuit is fundamentally at odds with free speech principles as it attempts to impose liability, and thereby chill creative expression, by claiming rights that do not exist under the law,” she adds. Dale goes on to explain how the dance move created by 2 Milly is different to the one found in Fortnite.

“As shown by the accompanying video clip, the Dance Step consists of a side step to the right while swinging the left arm horizontally across the chest to the right, and then reversing the same movement on the other side,” she writes. “By contrast, as shown in 26 another video clip, Swipe It consists of (1) varying arm movements, sometimes using a straight, horizontal arc across the chest, and other times starting below the hips and then traveling in a diagonal arc across the body, up to the shoulder, while pivoting side to side on the balls and heels of the feet, (2) a wind up of the right arm before swiping, and (3) a rolling motion of the hands and forearms between swipes.”

Well that’s cleared that up then.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. I’m so glad that’s epic are standing firm on this. Dancing should be free, not paid. This is just like that time live music died off because of the cassette tape, and how everyone stopped buying music because of MP3 CDs, and lets not forget the TV and film crash after VCRs just let you record what you want…

    I fully expect Epic to win these lawsuits, because of the current copyright laws, but that doesn’t mean they get to take the moral high ground here.

  2. Whilst that is the case, doesn’t mean that they can steal dance moves without giving people credit. The Turk dance should have been adknowledged as such, same as the carlton etc… Instead of just trying to get everything and passing it off as their own thing.

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