The Nintendo Direct just dropped a ton of Fire Emblem: Three Houses – now out in July

July 26th is the date that Fire Emblem fans will have to mark in their calendars – a slight delay from the original spring release window planned – but the wait will be made easier (or more difficult) by the big info dump Nintendo’s Direct just bestowed upon us.

Set on the continent of Fodlan, three empires – the Adrestian Empire, Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance – have held peace for a long time, aligned around the central Garreg Mach Monastery, where your character has been inducted to become a tutor after a life as a mercenary.

You’ll choose to tutor the up and coming progeny from the Black Eagles, Blue Lions or Golden Deer, each of which hails from one of the three empires, and tutor them and their classmates in combat, skills and magics. You’ll also take them out on expeditionary missions, to battle bandits and put down rebellions. In true Fire Emblem fashion they can all die very sudden deaths, so it’s up to your tutelage and leadership to ensure they survive!

Of course, school life would be relatively blissful compared to the war and strife of previous games, so rest assured that there’s some crazy stuff going on with a character named Sothis that only you can see. War and misunderstandings are sure to follow.

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