Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon operator, map breakdown

You know we belong together,
You and I forever and ever,
No matter where you are,
You’re my guiding star,
And from the very first moment I saw you,
I never felt such emotion,
I’m walking on air,
Just to know (just to know),
You are there…

Hold me in your arms,
Don’t let me go,
(I want to stay forever),
Home and away,
With you each day…

Rainbow Six Siege is jetting off around the world yet again, Year 4 kicking off with a trip down under. Sadly, we won’t be visiting the residents of Summer Bay, Operation Burnt Horizon taking us to the Australian outback instead while adding two new SASR operators to the game’s swelling roster.

As always these characters are defined by their unique gadgets, each one adding a fresh tactical dimension to the game. New attacker Gridlock can use her Trax Stinger to deploy spike traps to rat out campers and obstruct roamers. Meanwhile, Mozzie’s Pest Launcher can turn enemy drones rogue, letting you control up to three of them as you scout out operator positions.

Here are the full operator breakdowns:


Gadget: Trax Stinger
Stats: 3 Armour / 1 Speed
Primary weapons: F90 (Assault Rifle) / M249SAW (Light Machine Gun)
Secondary weapons: Super Shorty (Shotgun) / SDP 9mm (Pistol)
Equipment: Smoke Grenade / Breach Charge


Gadget: Pest Launcher
Stats: 2 Armour / 2 Speed
Primary weapons: Commando 9 (Assault Rifle) / P10 RONI (Submachine Gun)
Secondary weapons: Super Shorty (Shotgun) / SDP 9mm (Pistol)
Equipment: Barbed Wire / Nitro Cell

Of course there’s the new map too: Outback. This rundown roadhouse makes for a deadly killzone that weaves together cramped corridors and some larger spaces, including a two-floor garage workshop.

There’s no set release date for Operation Burnt Horizon though it will be making the transition from test servers to a full launch in the coming weeks.