Ubisoft Say No To Drugs, Sex And Gambling In Rainbow 6: Siege Update

Drugs are bad, kids. Which means no more sugar, caffeine and cough syrup for you! And it turns out that, when money is on the line, Ubisoft agree. In order to ensure R6: Siege can appeal to a wider global market, they’re making the contentious decision to remove any and all references to gambling and sex in the global Year 3 Season 4 update. So you know all those neon stripper signs that you loved to while away a match looking at? They’ll soon be gone. Blood patches will also cease to exist because, as we all know, shooting people is fine as long as they don’t bleed.

The changes are intended to make the update process more expedient with a global audience in mind, specifically with a push into Asia, and that it will make the game ‘future proof’ in all regions. Whilst there will be a separate build, this will be region-locked, even with the attempted use of a VPN.


That’s what’s so confusing to the community members that are… disappointed by the decision. If there are two builds of the game anyway, why can Ubisoft not keep the un-sanitised version of the game as the active game outside of Asia? Similarly, there are concerns about how an influx of Chinese players can affect the game, with the region notorious for the willingness its players have to hack games and cheat.

Will anyone notice the change and/or care? Probably a few. Will it affect the core gameplay experience? Ubisoft are assuring that will not be the case.

Source: Ubisoft, Reddit via Engadget UK




  1. Weird flex, but ok

  2. Imagine if this was for Rainbow Six Vegas!
    My guess why they want to have a unified experience is for eSports, so it’s consistent for both players and viewers.

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