Production of the PlayStation Vita is coming to an end

Sony’s dinky and criminally underrated handheld console, the PlayStation Vita, will soon be ending production in Japan. The black and aqua blue models, the only two in production at present, have been marked with the comment “shipments are scheduled to end soon” on the PlayStation Japan website.

Gematsu notes that the same comment was added to the PlayStation 3 page two months before the last console rolled off the production line. Last year Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda explained that “currently, we do not have any plans regarding a new handheld device.”


Despite excellent sales at launch and some really great titles, including versions of Uncharted and Wipeout that really pushed the device, the console couldn’t compete with the less powerful 3DS in America and Europe. In Japan sales for the Vita have always been fairly strong and there are plenty of games being produced for it to this day including top tier titles such as Catherine Fully Body.

My Vita still get used now and then and always gets taken on holidays, Super Stardust Delta never gets old and Killzone Mercenary is a technical marvel in my opinion. However, some games we should probably forget, the less said about Call of Duty the better.

R.I.P. PlayStation Vita, you plucky little thing.

Source: Gematsu

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  1. Such a sad time. Will the rumors of a new next gen Vita alongside the PS5 ever come true?

  2. Sad times, I haven’t played with mine in a year or so now but it’s still such a lovely gadget.

  3. I haven’t used mine for close to 2 years.
    I think Sony are right not to build a new one, instead they should devote all development time and money to the PS5 and PSVR 2.

    • I agree that it’s now right for Sony to focus on PS5 and PSVR 2, but there’s clearly appetite for good portable gaming, as demonstrated by the Nintendo Switch. The big difference is that Nintendo have backed their console up with an incredibly strong line up of appealing first party games, while the Vita quickly started to feel like a sideshow.

  4. Pity, this is definitely my most beloved portable gaming system of all time – not an understatement, having played all portable consoles since the original Gameboy back in the day. I do have a lot of backlog, so it’ll be quite sometime I can put it down or even consider replacing it.

  5. What a shame, but all good things come to an end, eventually. I got mine in 2013, as a Killzone Mercenary bundle, and that game was excellent. Most games I have I got on Plus, I have to admit, but I still bought some games fairly recently. I don’t play it too often, but did so a few weeks back. A great handheld it was, and it still is.

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