Nacon to offer DualShock 4 alternative with new PS4 “Asymmetric Wireless Controller”

Gaming peripheral specialist Nacon has announced yet another officially licensed PlayStation 4 gamepad, revealing its “Asymmetric Wireless Controller”.

Available in early 2019 at an RRP of £49.99, this alternative to Sony’s DualShock 4 does exactly what it says on the tin, showcasing an asymmetric button and stick layout that also encompasses a stylish, ergonomic design.


It’s wireless too, with a range of up to 7 meters and full audio/chat functionality. Although not a deal-breaker, the new Nacon gamepad will need to occupy one of the PS4’s USB slots for its wireless receiver, unable to connect directly to the console itself.

Nacon hasn’t given any specific details in regards to battery life and whether this exceeds the DualShock 4’s, though there’s a handy button that can be pressed to view charging levels without needing to pause gameplay.

There’s no release date as of yet though test units are being sent to publications and influencers in late March which give some indication.

Compared to the upcoming Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller, this model doesn’t have quite as many marketable features and at £50 it’s a tad more expensive than Sony’s own DualShock 4.

Despite the lack of a cool, edgy name, the Asymmetric Wireless Controller may be worth picking up if the battery life is better, and its heftier form sits more comfortably in-hand.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming review.

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  1. I prefer the DS4 stick’s layout.

    • Everyone prefers the sticks in the proper place, don’t they? Unless you’ve got weird, asymmetrical arms?

    • You’re crazy. Asymmetrical is far superior for both comfort and precision.

      Finally though! The DS4 is great and all but the lack of offset thumbsticks has been an issue for me since day one of PS4 ownership after year’s of Xbox 360.

      • You spend most of your time using the sticks and triggers, in most games. With an incorrect asymmetric layout, your left hand is all scrunched up together with your thumb right up next to your trigger fingers. That’s not comfortable.

        Thumbsticks should be in the same place on both sides, because that’s where your thumbs are. Unless you’ve got weird hands. But then what are the chances your right hand is normal sized, and your left hand is a tiny Trump-hand? Just as likely as the other way around?

      • Oh dear, MrYd. If it hurts your left thumb so much, you should go and see a doctor, because clearly it struggles in a way that your right thumb doesn’t where you have to use the face buttons.

      • Which bit of “You spend most of your time using the sticks and triggers” are you struggling with?

        For those things where you’re using the face buttons a lot, I tend to have my fingers around the back of the controller, away from the triggers, and use my thumb on the buttons, moving it to the stick when necessary.

        For things where you’re using both sticks and triggers all the time, I’ve got fingers on the triggers and thumbs on the sticks, moving the thumbs whenever buttons are needed.

        That’s where the left stick being higher up is uncomfortable. When you’re all scrunched up together for any length of time.

        Depends on what you’re playing, but generally the left hand spends most of the time on the sticks and triggers, and the right hand is a bit more varied. The D-pad is probably the least used thing on any controller.

        That’s why having the left stick in a more natural position is better, and this asymmetric nonsense can bugger right off.

      • Well luckily for Microsoft and Nintendo there’s millions of people with outwardly normal looking “weird hands” that don’t suffer from getting too “scrunched up”.

        PMS was probably a bit too definitive in their assertion, but it’s ridiculous to say this is anything more than personal preference.

      • If you want to throw numbers around, then surely the PS4 selling more than the XBone and Switch together means symmetric stick positioning is the preferred option?

        No, I’m not really saying that proves much.

        And yes, it’s a personal preference. But some people have the incorrect preference ;)

  2. It’s always good to have a choice, and like with the excellent XBox adaptive controller, this helps people with special needs to play games, and that is great!

  3. My thumbs are the same length, so I prefer a normal DS4. However if you do have freaky uneven thumbs this will be a godsend for you..

    • Haha. Bet you have a terrible time of it when you have to use the D-pad and face buttons.

  4. I like my controllers the same as my hands… Symmetrical.

    Also official licensed PlayStation product but can’t use the built in Bluetooth to connect – that’s poor.

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