A staggering 50 million people played Apex Legends in its first month

Coming out of nowhere, Apex Legends has been a huge hit for Respawn Entertainment and EA, taking on the titans of the Battle Royale genre with their Titanfall-infused twist on the genre. After speeding past the 10 million player mark in its first 72 hours and 25 million players in a week, it’s now passed 50 million players in its first month.


To put that 50 million player count into context, it took Fortnite Battle Royale a little over half a year to pass the same point (they reported 45 million players in March 2018, having released it at the end of September 2017). Of course, it’s far from being the new king of the genre, as Fortnite has played host to over 200 million players by the start of 2019 (including consoles, PC and mobile), has recently held in-game events that set new highs for concurrent players, and just launched its eighth season. But even Fortnite isn’t actually the biggest Battle Royale game; PUBG’s mobile release has found a significant market within China and India, which has pushed that game past the 400 million mark. However, Apex Legends’ impact can be felt in how some of its best features, like its innovative ping system, have already spread to Fortnite.

50 million players is still staggering considering that Respawn’s plans for the game as a live service have yet to be put into action. We anticipate that the first Battle Pass will be dropping in March, alongside new Legends, weapons and loot.

If you’re looking to join that number, Apex Legends is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and you should make sure to check out our tips and tricks guide to get you started.

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  1. Thoroughly deserved. By far my favourite battle royale, so well implemented it’s ridiculous.

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