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Report: Anthem is shutting down PlayStation consoles [UPDATE]

There are a growing number of reports that Bioware’s Anthem is shutting down PlayStation consoles, a problem that seems to particularly effect those with a PlayStation 4 Pro.

“Twice now when trying to matchmake my PS4 has completely turned off,” explained one poster on Reddit, “Happened to me as well,” adds another. “The worst part is when it shuts your console off, it does it as if you pulled the power plug out of the wall. The console has to fix itself as well as repair my external HDD.”

Complaints to the AskPlayStation Twitter account are in a similar vein, “I bought ANTHEM via psn, it’s constantly crashing my system, having to unplug/rest the console”, “Anthem just turned my whole system off and am now afraid to put the game back in”,”Anthem has crashed my PS4 to the point I had to reinstall everything even down to the firmware.”

Quite a few people, including some TSA staff, say the fans in their PS4 Pro’s are running at full speed when playing Anthem so perhaps the game is causing the console to overheat.

One person has also reported the game bricked his console, but before we all panic let me just point out that when any big game launches we get “Game XXX killed my console” reports. There are 80+ million PlayStation consoles in the world, some of these are going to fail and it’s almost certainly coincidence that person’s PS4 died when he was playing Anthem.

However, we would suggest you err on the side of caution, if your PlayStation sounds like it’s about to take off maybe stop playing the game, or just don’t play it at all until EA and Bioware make an official statement.

It’s hard to judge how big of a problem this is, there are lots of complaints about bugs and server issues with the game to PlayStation and people may think that if they say the game is resetting their console they are in with a better chance of getting their money back.

UPDATE: EA have now acknowledged there is a problem with consoles crashing.

Source: Reddit via Kotaku / Twitter


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  1. I am playing on the base PS4 and am only about two thirds in to the story. So far I have had one console freeze while matchmaking and another when turning off my console using my dualshock (as normal) before closing the game. Both times the database had to be rebuilt.

  2. I have to say this has happened three times to me now and you cannot share your crash report the whole machine has to rebuild itself.
    Also for those like me with external hard drives attached it can corrupt other installed games even after you have done the normal external media repair.
    I for one have walked away from this game until this mess is fixed.

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